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I have worked with Johnny Zamora before and let me tell you the truth. This man started a convention to boost his own ego with Ruronikon. He was not there most of the time and almost all his staff had a breakdown because a top of their work they had to also do the work he was suppose to be taking care of. On top of that Vincent Corrazza one of the voice actors he brought in was never paid his appearance fee and that's just a few problems with that con alone that I can say there were a lot more.
He had taken a large loan from the father of the girl he was staying with and then stabbed her in the back when she got a boyfriend by hurting her emotionally, threatening to kill himself in her house and even stealing one of her possessions she cherished a lot.
Her boyfriend now is actually a really good friend of mine who I like to call big brother and runs his own convention down here where we live. Well Johnny as a means for revenge after we had announced the days for our con he goes and announces another mini event on the Saturday of our con called :DECLARATION! 2013 (Cherry Blossom Festival) and saying that Reuben Langdon is going to be there.
Now the event Todd mentions Chibikon I was there to do a panel because I didn't want to let a friend of mine down since she wanted to make a good impression on Todd and Cherami. The only reason that event even happened since he didn't have the money to pay off the hotel at all was because a local comic book store didn't want people to have wasted their money and time coming to the event for nothing so they bailed him out. I admit I like that the staff and volunteers worked hard to save this event but johnny most of the time was hiding so that the cops wouldn't get him since he is a wanted man.
So please don't ever fall victim to his man. He uses sad stories to get what he wants and then stabs people in the back afterwards. If you can please send Todd's message to other voice actors and people that are popular at conventions as a warning. Because of this man all the conventions in the valley have to apologize for him and are praying that people won't avoid our conventions because of what he did. I also didn't put the names of the people who bailed him out and of my friend's convention because I don't want them to be associated with this man's mistakes anymore.
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