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My main issues with week 2:
* Is this actually "The Yaya Han Show"? That's not what I want to watch! She may be AN ambassador of cosplay, but she is not THE ambassador of cosplay. I really do not like how this show is making it seem like you're nobody unless she approves of you and selects you as a winner. Eff that noise!
* Another mention of "cash prizes". Yeah, cash is nice, but I've never entered a masquerade with a cash prize and they're not the main motivation for most people.
* From the infamous conversation on the show about who can cosplay what, a lot was obviously cut out leaving some of the people involved scrambling on Twitter and Facebook to explain their actual views.
* Did anyone else think it was odd that they had a group of SOME of the entrants on stage when winners were announced? At first, I thought "Wow, they didn't have many entries!" Then I realized it wasn't all of the entrants, because there were some seen earlier that weren't up there. Conveniently enough, the people featured on the show were all there. I really have to wonder how much the show producers mess with the masquerade format. "Okay, for our show to work, we need the judges to be on stage and able to ask questions to the entrants."
* Riki actually finished her Hellgirl costume in 2008. This is one example of the show's staged construction montages. (I have no issues with the cosplayers re-using old costumes, but wish the show was honest about their presentation.)
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