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  • Greggo Said:
A successful Anime Jeopardy! will feature clues that are written like proper Jeopardy! clues...where there is important information in the clue that, if you simply pay attention, points directly at the answer. The sorts of clues that make it fun to actually play along yourself as opposed to just watching three nerds answer, question answers!

That's a great point. I watch Jeopardy often, and sometimes I will know the question because of a weird hint in the clue, not because I was actually familiar with the subject. That makes it more interesting than straight trivia, which most convention Jeopardy's tend to do and can be boring.

  • Greggo Said:
I eventually wanted to do Jeopardy!, to prove once and for all that it *can* be done and done well. Even went so far as to get the gameboard mostly done and had an algorithm ready to program that emulated the "half-second lockout if you buzz in before you're allowed to" that Jeopardy! actually utilizes.

I didn't know they had that. When I watch Jeopardy at my parents' house, sometimes they get mad at me because I read the clues faster than they do, and then give the question first, sometimes even before Trebek finishes reading it (we never do them in a form of a question when playing at home).

What did you have for categories? Did you have them set up in genres like Mecha and Magical Girl, or demographics like Shojo and Shonen? Did you have any on one series, like one most anime fans would be familiar with? How specific did you get with the clues?
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