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Any local webcomic creators you could get to go? Maybe someone to make the drive up from Vegas? interesting example of the web site's guest cancellation features here:

When a guest cancels on a convention, there is a line through their name on the con page (and a line through the con on their bio page) so that any fans who follow them will know they're no longer going to that con. Also, anyone looking at the con page who had planned to go see them will know they're not going to be at the con anymore.

Some convention planners actually use this feature to see how often a guest cancels on a con for one reason or another. If you look at a guest's bio and see a lot of cancellations, it could be somewhat risky to invite that person as a guest since they may cancel on you. Maybe they've got work, maybe they had an anxiety attack, maybe they got a better offer for a larger appearance fee from another con. In any case, that just shows a greater cancellation risk. Sure, sometimes they may be legitimately sick and unable to attend, but it all evens out in the end. (If someone is sick a lot, this would show it. ...but a few cancellations out of a vast number of appearances is nothing to fret about.)

On the other hand, when a convention cancels a guest, the guest is listed as cancelled on the con page so that anyone planning to attend will know that person isn't going to be there anymore. However, the guest bio does not show a cancelled appearance. (This feature was added at the request of some voice actor friends who have had cons retract invites and didn't want it to look like they had cancelled the appearances.) ultimately after these cancellations, Yamila's bio will have no association to Anime St. George at all. Steve's bio will have a cancellation affixed permanently since he cancelled on the con of his own free will.

PS: I'm amused at the "drug abuse" ads that Google put on this page because of this thread.
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