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Let's not fight here. I wasn't trying to be mean, Axel. I was just saying that calling a popular guest a scum bag is not the best way to start out a convention. I like Yamila, and I don't think she's a bad person. I hate when people play the "but I didn't OUTRIGHT say that person was this" game. It's childish wordplay that doesn't fly with anyone except maybe a libel judge. You implied that you thought she was a scum bag, no matter what you actually wrote. It's just something important to remember for later posts. I made mistakes with what I type when I first started chairing conventions (I still make mistakes).

This whole Fannitaku vs. Anime St. George thing is frustrating because it 1.) is off-topic and 2.) is reminiscent of some idiocy I was involved in recently where every post anyone made positively about our convention was stalked and followed up by someone from another convention insulting us or, often, me personally (I've been called more things than I care to talk about in the last year).
When you're a convention chair, there will always be people to disagree with how you run things and think they can do better. Sometimes they can. Often they can't. You know what? It doesn't matter. Competition often breeds creativity. The worst way to deal with convention competition is what I see the most - spam posts on each others' forums, online stalking, smear campaigns, and even guerrilla-style trips to the other people's events.
Think before you make yourself look stupid by trying to insult the other group. A good policy may be not to talk about them at all in case you say something that can be used against you.
Carve out your own niche instead. Try new events or a unique approach to running a convention. Our niche is an immersive weekend experience that is heavily themed and technically slick (lighting, sound, a great masquerade).

I'm not trying to sound like a mod or anything, but this back-and-forth is not good for anyone.
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