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The first question should never be "how", it should always be "why". And the only good answer is "because I love X and want to celebrate it". If that is your answer, then the next question is how much are YOU willing to spend/lose to celebrate it. Depending on what you're aiming for, a "con" can be run really cheap or insanely expensive. That all depends on what you want, but you can't control who agrees (ie. how many people show up). Regarding the ideas you noted:
-Artist Donations (unlikely, both because you need donations AND you're "competing" with the artist who's trying to sell pieces for their own cause)
-Kickstarter (no, especially since there's several other cons all over Texas)
-Ad Space (not gonna happen)
-Auctions (unlikely to make as much as you want, but if you want to convert your possessions to cash for the cause, as good a method as any. Keep in mind, auctions work better AT a convention because you have fans all in one place paying attention rather than outside where they're not)
-Your own+crew's money (pretty much)

I'd point you to these other threads for more detail:
Finding Sponsorship for your con?
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How does one go about starting up a con?

What are you trying to target with your convention idea? I just ask since San Japan seems to be pretty well received by fans in the SanAn area for anime.

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