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We have the only "anime" store in Houston, and it is only about 40% anime anymore because it doesn't sell.

With the exception of one specific city; you hear anime fans complain about the costs of items being too high - while the SciFi fans will talk about the items being inexpensive for the same type item that costs more, or DVDs that have a higher per-minute price than anime.

Game of Thrones DVD season 3 is available for preorder. MSRP: $60. Sale price: $42, 30% off.
10 Episodes/ 1 hour each = $0.07 per minute
*Blu-ray cost more.

Fairy Tale Blu-Ray/ DVD combo
24 Episode anime, 12 hours of programming. $33 for the set = $0.04583 per minute

So, Game of Thrones DVD costs 2.4 cents more per minute than Fairy Tale Blu-Ray/ DVD combo.

Scifi DVDs typically sell at 0% - 10% off of MSRP while anime sells at 20% - 30% off of MSRP. That would make Game of Thrones cost more, while the anime will stay the same.

For every person complaining about the price of a sci-fi item, we hear 50+ anime fans complain.

I can't say if this is why other vendors have started carrying more sci-fi and less anime, but that's why we have, and that is why several vendors we know quit vending completely.

Joshua Andrade

Bad Wolf Trading

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