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@Patrick: Thanks for pointing them out to me. I will be sure to study them all and note down all I can from your words of wisdom. I hope to assimilate most of them before June 1st as that's when Nadeshicon 2013 will have it's last meeting and we set the ground work for 2014. That way I will be able to have a better view of the good, the bad and things to improve. I am definitely making it a point to try and visit Anime Boston 2014.

@Gale: Yes I have had quite a bit of experiences so far. Some good and some baaaaaaaaaaaad. But all in all, experience shapes us and shows us a tad more on how life really works...or at least how some people see how it should work. I will always keep an open mind to how things should and shouldn't be done. I hope to always listen to the point of view of others and not completely shut myself to alternatives and compromises. I was told time after time that pride can be a good thing, but also a bad thing. So far I kept my promises to the best of my knowledge (three of my volunteers adore me now that they got to hang out with our guests of honor and already can't wait for 2014 and even want to get involved in the future editions!) and as for lists, well, those I agree that there are never enough. I think someone in any organization should be a staff just to make lists constantly and forevermore. Deadlines...those vile little things are a challenge, but somehow I'm keeping at it. Though having 18 different projects can be hell sometimes. Delegating is a wonderful work in progress. Getting better at it..I think. As for co-staffers, it's not always easy to cope with a wide range of various opinions, but it is the darnedest thing I will hold dearly too. It also helps to have such people so I can practice delegating things.

@Both: As I did with over 300 anime series...or rather maybe 20ish, I shall ONE SHOT all the podcasts as much as I can, then fall dead for a bit, and then, absorb while re-watching ^^

I'm off to Anime North soon to get lots of experience there! If I don't come back, I blame the yaoi fangirls that got the better of me
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