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Having watched the first episode last night, I think that this write-up summarizes most of my feelings about the show: ay-and-costuming/heroes-o f-cosplay...

In addition to that...

I think their choice of conventions (at least two I noticed) was lousy. I'd rather see them support a fan-run convention than give more exposure to Wizard World. Bleh. My feelings about Anime Matsuri (which seems to be in an upcoming episode) have been previously documented here, so I'll just say that I think they could have selected much better.

The horns. OMFG! WHO THE EFF CARES that you store-bought them? Does Yaya cast her own pointy ears every time? I bet not. This REALLY pissed me off. It was a non-issue but Syfy made it look like the costume was a disaster because of it.
Also, if there's an issue with your costume, you do not call it out to the judge. You don't say, "I was going to cast my own, but ran out of time and these were store-bought and modified." (...or whatever it was she said.) Say, "I took some latex horns and modified them and painted them." Saying you ran out of time is NEVER an excuse a judge wants to hear.
Nobody called out the dude for wearing football shoulder pads and modifying them rather than doing something from scratch.

I like that they only focused on a handful and not the entire cast in one episode...because that would have cut into the time and made us see even less of any individuals. Most of them already could have used more screen time for the development process.

Now, obviously there was some blatant editing for drama's sake...but what you may not know is that Syfy asked these folks to make new costumes in unrealistic amounts of time. From what one of the cast members has told me, they did make some new costumes...but what you may see in upcoming episodes are older costumes being improved and treated as "new" because the producers wanted the drama and stress of the new costumes. I suspect this is why we didn't see much of the guy working on his costume. It was very likely an existing outfit.

...but planning Lulu in that short amount of time? Insane. Not surprised it was not completed.

If there's a next season, I think the universal opinion is that there needs to be more guys on the show. I'd love to see Bill Doran (with his wife Brittany Doran) if they were willing.
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