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Could this open up a new issue of people making costumes of copyrighted material and entering them into contests where money is won? Or people who make commissions and make money from that? I don't think that will come about, but I did find it interesting that they're using real names of characters and stuff, especially Merida.

Good point - Disney especially has historically been extremely protective of its intellectual property. My guess is that under copyright law, this is total infringement, but it isn't impacting their bottom line in any way so its not worth calling in the expensive legal team. Think about how long it took for record labels to go after Napster or how long it took for Viacom to go after YouTube - they did, but people were sharing entire seasons of TV, albums of songs, etc and it was pretty easy to step into a courtroom and show how they were being hurt as an industry. I think they would have less to gain and more to loose on going after cosplayers. I can easily see them going after commissioners, however, a la wizard scarves and Jayne hats.

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