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Actually, I, personally, have a negative opinion of Vic. We had him as a guest at a convention that I chaired a few years ago, and he was quite needy and, well, kept doing things that drove the staff nuts.

We asked him about doing a non-denominational praise service on Sunday morning because we'd heard that he liked doing these. When we got no answer, we took it off the schedule and replaced it with something else. At the convention, he was angry that it wasn't on the schedule and took the room over to play piano and have his service anyway, blocking out the panel that was supposed to be in there.

Throughout the weekend, he did this several times, took over the room with the piano and played even when panelists stood there in the doorway, waiting for him to finish so that they could start their panels.

I found it incredibly rude.

He also paraded like a rock star every time he went into the hallway, which was just mildly annoying. He also wanted to sleep a good portion of the convention, presumably from jet lag.

Those all sound like small things, but combined they made me a little less likely to want him back. I heard from the other staff that he was generally rude and demanding.

That said, it may have been because it was our first year, and we were horribly disorganized (at least, it felt that way to me), so I'd give him a try. He doesn't do anything awful like drink up your funds or insult people (at least, he didn't at our convention). He's just kind of a prima donna and sleeps a lot.
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