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While not exactly an actual 'game show', a friend and I came up with the tentative plan for multiple MMORPG style quests to be done by willing participants, mainly by creating one wizard style hat that had a big light up question mark, and then having several friends with hats that had light up explaination marks. Quest seekers would first go to the quest sender (Question mark hat) and he would send them out to find the right quest finisher (explaination mark hat). Once that person was found, they would have their own mini quest that would be required as proof the quest taker was worthy. Mini quests would range from simple quizes, to retriving random items (like a ketchup packet from McDonalds) to mildly embarressing stunts like getting a group of people together to do certain World of Warcraft race dances or finding someone whose birthday was that day of the event and singing the 'Happy Birthday' song. We even worked it out to have the quests be like a choose your own adventure style RPG, with quests that would change depending on the quest taker's choice in occupation or race. One of these days we'll probably get around to puting it in action until then it's on the backburner.
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