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I've been planning on going to Otakon this year with my friend and both our siblings and recently she told me about Conneticon and how it would be less expensive to go there cuz she has family up there and we wouldn't have to pay for hotel and travel.
But I went to the site and looked up at past guests that they had there on this site and to tell you the truth I didn't see that many anime VAs that attend it.
Sure there will be cosplayers and stuff to do there but I really like the VAs out of everything.
Which bring me to ask,is Conneticon any good?

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We've reviewed Connecticon in the past on AnimeCons TV, you can check it out here.

I don't think Connecticon is a bad convention, but I doubt you'll get the same level of enjoyment as you would from Otakon if you're looking for something focused on anime. Connecticon is more of a "all things geeky" event. It really depends on what you're looking to do.
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...and our 2010 review is here:
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Hi! I am on the guest relations staff at ConnectiCon, actually.

The thing about ConnectiCon and anime voice actors is, ConnectiCon is not an exclusively anime convention. We try to cover all aspects of pop culture. Actually, though, we have had several anime guests in the past few years including: Tiffany Grant, Daniel Kevin Harrison, Caitlin Glass, Vic Mignogna, Michele Knotz, Carlos Ferro, Cristina Vee, Bill Rogers, and Chris Smith. True, most of the countless guests we have are webcomic artists so it can be hard to sift through and find the featured guests, but we do have much more than just webcomics.

This year our announced featured guests thus far are Carlos Ferro (Dom in Gears of War, Rachel Robinson (Fang in Final Fantasy XIII, and John St. John (Duke Nukem in the Duke Nukem series)-- ALL voice actors who have worked in video games, and at least one of whom has worked in anime.

While we do try to get one or two anime voice actor guest every year, as a multi-genre convention we like to remember that there are many more industry professionals out there than just anime voice actors. Your comment surprises me specifically given a year or two ago we were anxious over the fact that all 5 of our featured guests were voice actors and we have made a conscious effort to add in authors and other industry professionals.

To be honest, if all you're looking for is the biggest name anime guests and you care about nothing else, I'd have to admit ConnectiCon is probably not for you, however please take my word when I say that it is a really fun convention and while many of our guests may not be widely known in the anime world, they have a lot to offer and are really interesting people.

Also, in spite of not being a solely anime centric convention, we have a lot of the same staple events found at many anime cons, such as the Fan Made Video contest (AMVs just not limited to anime), the Masquerade, and Cosplay Chess, as well as countless panels about and screenings of all sorts of things including anime. In addition to that we have a great video game room, board game library, minis gaming, RPGs, dealers room, and tons of cosplayers celebrating everything from anime to TV commercials!

Ultimately the choice is yours, but if you're not married to going to an anime-centric convention I would really suggest it. I've never missed a single year, even before I joined staff 4 years ago. Also, since this will be our 10 year anniversary you can bet we've got big plans for this year's con. contributor

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