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Quick question, when your con first started out did you run the con from your pocket or did you find some kind of sponsorship? How does one go about finding sponsorship for a con that is relatively new?

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You're not going to find anyone willing to give you money as a sponsor so you can start up your con. Several reasons for this:

1) There are literally of other cons out there that are established and can provide a better guarantee for a return on the sponsorship investment. Why would they give money to start up yet another con?

2) The economy AND the anime industry are in the toilet. Nobody has money to throw around.

That said, you CAN get sponsors...but the best you'll get will be anime companies like FUNimation providing some prize support (usually DVDs to give away) or advertisers who might want to buy some ad spots in your program guide. (Some cons call these "sponsors" if they buy enough advertising.)

Most conventions out there started by having a few friends pool their cash to get started. If they're REALLY lucky, they might get some of that money back after the con. Just don't fall into the trap of assuming that the con will be really popular and have thousands of attendees. That tends to be the exception rather than the least for the first couple years.
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I started Anime St. George out of the funds from my own pockets and that's how it's pretty much been the past two years. If you plan your funds properly, don't over spend and shop around (and with a little bit of luck) you might be able to break even like we did our first year. You can get a bit of support from places like FUNimation who are willing to give you free stuff in return for advertising and whatnot but don't expect people to just toss money at you willy nilly.

And as Patrick said, don't expect it to be a huge hit right off the bat. Conventions are something that need to be grown and nurtured over time. Don't expect to really start getting a name until about the third and forth year.
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