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My name is Blake Hoffpauir. I am actually from the same town as Darrel Guilbeau the actor who plays Mikado on Durrara and many other roles. I have been acting for wuite a while, and have a dream of being a voice actor for anime. I know most people say they are good but really arent as good as they think. I am good at the sort of thing. I have been a lot of plays for petty cash. And I was wondering if moving to Houston to be a voice actor would be smart or dumb. The real question is do they let someone with no experience coice acting but with stage experience tryout, and have a fair chance as anyone else? I was hoping anyone could help me. I would also like t hit up Darrel on face book as we may know the same people. I also have a twin brother named Brock who is a fantastic actor as well. I really am good at playing charachters, and would love to try out. So anyone out there please give me some info how to get in the buiss. I'm aware that who you know is about 30 to 40 percent the rest is up to you. All I need is a chance and I can impress any director. Love Crispin Freeman, Kari Whalgren, Jonny Bosh, Michelle Rough, and the godfather of it all Steve Blum. Please someone help I am dead serious about this its sort of a dream to voice act and write. I just need to meet the right people was hoping joining this would help.

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Hello Blake,

Let me cut to the chase. Moving to Houston to be a voice actor would be dumb. There's not as much anime dubbed in Houston as there was during the heyday of anime. In Texas, most of it happens in Dallas.

There are a ton of people out there who want to be voice actors, but there aren't enough roles for everyone. I've been to countless voice acting panels and one question that always comes up eventually is, "How can I be a voice actor." The harsh reality is that the answer is really, "You can't."

...but if that doesn't discourage you, the first thing they always recommend is to live where the work is. This means NY, LA, Dallas, or perhaps Vancouver. However, the voice actors who have said that have also said not to drop everything and move there with just an assumption that moving there will get you work. You should have something else lined up to fall back on because even some of the most popular voice actors can't get enough work to do it full time. ...and then start doing theatre in that town. If you do well, you may eventually get called in to audition for some voice acting work. This is definitely NOT a career where you can just move to town and start working right away. It could take years!

You should probably see if you have any realistic chance for the job before even thinking about moving. Even if they like your voice and you're an amazing actor, you still won't get cast unless they have a role you would fit. Talk with some ADR directors at conventions to see what they think before making any major life decisions.

...and, sure, get in touch with Darrel.
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You are definitely right in noting that networking, or who you know, is a HUGE piece of the puzzle when getting into the entertainment business. I'm an actor myself, and among other types of acting I have looked extensively into voice over acting. This has taken many forms: Voice Acting panels, befriending professionals, reading books, watching interviews, etc. As Patrick said, work in anime voiceover is getting pretty scarce these days. Between internet piracy and more recently the tsunami in Japan, there is less and less anime coming overseas and even being made (the latter problem though should rebound as the economy recovers from the tsunami).

Not only that, though, you need to understand that anime voiceover does NOT pay well. Money has to be split so many ways--the translator, the director, the sound tech, the original animators and creators, etc.--by the time they get to pay the voice actors there really isn't much left. Even if you can get work, it is VERY rare these days to make a living on anime voiceover alone.

To that point, I would strongly suggest you look into other aspects of either acting or production. A lot of anime voice actors supplement their income by directing or working in other production capacities. You can also get work doing commercial voiceover, which can pay a LOT better (especially if you're entitled to royalties) because the money is being split fewer ways and the spot usually gets a considerable amount of air time. Also, in general, acting is a very inconsistent source of income in general. You interview for new jobs countless more times than the average person because most jobs end fairly quickly. Just like the regular job market, though, you might have to do 100 interviews before you book one job, so it might be wise to have a non-acting related day job, at least to start out.

A general suggestion I also have relating to your question about moving would be, unless you're independently wealthy or have someone else willing to support you, look into getting work (whether in your field or not) BEFORE you move. Don't just show up in a city hoping to land a job. Look for jobs in your target city(s) and be prepared to move once you get hired. I know that doesn't always work, but I feel it's a lot safer in this current economy than just relocating and hoping someone will hire you so you can pay your bills.

Hope that helps!

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