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06-11-12 11:49 PM - Post#10940    

This list and the creator's comments are over at Topless Robot I just decided to share it here. What do you guys think?

8) Weapons
7) Lame Costumes
6) Terrible Plush Toys
5) Busts Based on Dubious Franchises
4) Terrible Nerdy T-Shirts
3) Pre-Autographed Items From Celebrities Who Are Signing At the Con You Are Attending
2) Unwanted Star Wars Figures
1) Bootleg DVDs

-Doug Wilder
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06-12-12 09:23 AM - Post#10943    
    In response to Nigoki

Missing something major (though fortunately I haven't seen it at any vendor tables lately): Cosmetic Lenses.

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06-16-12 02:46 PM - Post#10968    
    In response to Gale

Here in the Midwest, it seemed all the cons I go to all have the same lense company. I agree with u, lenses are not what u wanna get at cons but at ur eye doctor's.

Under weapons, I'd wish that there ought to have more vendors selling larp foam weapons. That way, no one get hurt as much, no weapon issue at cons, and u still have a cool-looking prop.

As much as I love to buy bleach swords at cons many times, they are mostly metal and cannot take them to cons.

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06-26-12 12:14 PM - Post#11031    
    In response to Nigoki

I hate seeing bootleg dvds>_<

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09-07-12 04:59 PM - Post#11429    
    In response to Nigoki

Right now, the only thing I'm tired of seeing are Bootleg Media.

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01-25-13 07:21 PM - Post#11854    
    In response to RedLionLord

You forgot about stolen art. A lot of cons have people who sell stuff they ripped from artists on dA.

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01-26-13 05:36 PM - Post#11860    
    In response to Rori

As a con organizer, it greatly helps to be told when someone does that as that is usually forbidden in the AA rules.

If the organizers aren't told then we can't do anything about it.
San Japan - San Antonio, Texas - Convention Chairman

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01-30-13 02:05 PM - Post#11880    
    In response to Proz

I'm going to try to add "broken, out of package second-hand toys".

Maybe it's just my area, but I see a lot of trash bins with busted playsets. Cause you know, everyone's looking for half of the Millennium Falcon.

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01-30-13 06:29 PM - Post#11883    
    In response to Benson

  • Benson Said:
Maybe it's just my area, but I see a lot of trash bins with busted playsets. Cause you know, everyone's looking for half of the Millennium Falcon.

Now if I could only find both halves with the same amount of dirt and grime...
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02-07-13 05:08 PM - Post#11917    
    In response to Nigoki

I have to agree with the list. Even when the guests themselves peddle pre-signed merch it strikes me as a bit weak. When they sell unsigned stuff and offer to sign it at the time of purchase, well that's a different story imo.

Remembering the recent cons I've been to it was hard to find any anime goods in the dealers rooms that were supersaturated (it settled out into the artist alley even) with 9 of the things on that list.

I'd amend #2 to include all non-anime merch. While it's cool to see rare-ish, heinously overpriced Firefly merch at cons I do not think it belongs. Likewise while it might be profitable to peddle Yugioh/Pokemon/MtG & BattleTech at anime cons that offer such events I do not think that they belong.

Though if we were to strip dealers' rooms of all that stuff they'd be basically barren. What ever did happen to all the anime merch? It seemed to peak around 2007 or so and then it all but died. Most of the merch I see at cons, with a few exceptions, is leftover merch from that Golden Era of merch. Which is great for a latecomer to Death Note fandom such as myself but otherwise...

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04-15-13 03:44 PM - Post#12311    
    In response to vrmlbasic

We have the only "anime" store in Houston, and it is only about 40% anime anymore because it doesn't sell.

With the exception of one specific city; you hear anime fans complain about the costs of items being too high - while the SciFi fans will talk about the items being inexpensive for the same type item that costs more, or DVDs that have a higher per-minute price than anime.

Game of Thrones DVD season 3 is available for preorder. MSRP: $60. Sale price: $42, 30% off.
10 Episodes/ 1 hour each = $0.07 per minute
*Blu-ray cost more.

Fairy Tale Blu-Ray/ DVD combo
24 Episode anime, 12 hours of programming. $33 for the set = $0.04583 per minute

So, Game of Thrones DVD costs 2.4 cents more per minute than Fairy Tale Blu-Ray/ DVD combo.

Scifi DVDs typically sell at 0% - 10% off of MSRP while anime sells at 20% - 30% off of MSRP. That would make Game of Thrones cost more, while the anime will stay the same.

For every person complaining about the price of a sci-fi item, we hear 50+ anime fans complain.

I can't say if this is why other vendors have started carrying more sci-fi and less anime, but that's why we have, and that is why several vendors we know quit vending completely.

Joshua Andrade

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05-10-13 06:33 AM - Post#12417    
    In response to meauho

Bootlegs are the thing I hate to see the most. Followed by Hentai/Pornography outside of a cover where the many children that visit the convention can openly peruse through it when their parents have turned their heads for a few moments.

Vintage toys in terrible condition also make me sad.

Before I sleep, I have to comment about the post above mine.

Bad Wolf Trading is a sweet name. Just don't get sucked into any voids. Okay?

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05-27-13 02:26 AM - Post#12474    
    In response to Nigoki

Bootlegs period. Also overpriced figures that I could easily get for less online.

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12-17-13 03:37 AM - Post#13393    
    In response to OpinionatedFish

Thanks - we don't plan on it.
Joshua Andrade

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12-24-13 04:29 AM - Post#13431    
    In response to meauho

Hey Bad Wolf

I heard someone something one time that really made me think. They were talking about the stereo typical broke Con goer. The thing is though If you kind of pay attention to who all is broke, it is usually the younger generations (I'm only 25). It is a large group of "Young Adults" and teens who do the major complaining because they haven't learned how to save and have grown up with this "Give me, I deserve it" mentality. On the flip side when you look at SciFi fans, many of them are from an older generation. They have worked hard to get where they are and have more money to spend. I know that is not all of it but It is a very good thinking point...

Oh and Bootleg of any kind is the worst...
Brandon Polk,
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01-25-15 12:20 AM - Post#14271    
    In response to YourFavoriteHost

Not all people who are in school have a job. If you try to keep your con budget low, there's no problem with that, even if you do have a job. There's no need to buy expensive things you don't really want. I do buy extra things to help artists sometimes, but I can only do so little and so much, being one myself and that being my only income.

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07-24-15 02:29 AM - Post#14513    
    In response to titanslayer000

so much truth in this topic LOL

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