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Hey guys I was wondering if I could get a general overview of what happens during the opening and closing ceremonies of a con, and suggestions for them aswell? It would be very helpfull to get an overview of these from peoples experiences so I can get them right.

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Generally, the opening ceremonies is where the head of the convention welcomes people to the convention, hypes up all the awesome stuff they have planned, and then introduces the guests and lets them say hello.

Closing ceremonies is where everyone says goodbye, lots of thank yous, one last chance to see guests who haven't left yet, and often the winners of the AMV contest.
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Thanks thats a good summation I was just hoping I could also get some feed back on things people like/want to happen during them.

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I'd like to say that I object to any quirky song/dance that occurs during the opening ceremonies. To make it simpler, I'll say that I'm for "putting the kibosh" on any and all songs and dances at opening ceremonies. AnimeNorth had an insipid song and stomp dance routine that even audience members were expected to do. Not my thing.

I'm told that there's a bit of a "movement" for opening ceremonies to do more than just (with ever-present technical difficulties) introduce whichever guests are actually on hand for the ceremony, and to do this without any sort of song and dance. At the risk of sounding puerile due to it, I'll give an example: I've heard that cons which invite this "Samurai Dan" guy have him slash rolled tatami mats with a sword during opening ceremonies. That's way cooler than any con song I've heard...and I've heard too many

Reading the program and the con website has usually been more effective, convenient, and less tedious, than sitting through the opening ceremonies*. I do hope that this supposed trend of opening ceremonies being more engaging and perhaps more informative continues.

I normally don't get to attend closing ceremonies as, if I'm still at the con, they're run up against some other awesome event. The last one I attended was AnimeUSA 2011's, but that was an exceptional event as the con enticed us to go with an announcement for their new location for 2012. I don't think that I've been to many closing ceremonies which had con guests in attendance as the guests had either been long gone before hand, or they were in the awesome panels that ran against closing ceremonies (which, naturally, was where I was)

*(To be fair, some cons, like Otakon, have been putting on live performances with guests of varying quality, at opening ceremonies over the years but at that con I've found better guest events at other panels, panels that attending opening ceremonies would preclude me from seeing)

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Thank you for the info I'll take it into consideration =]

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