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07-09-12 07:19 PM - Post#11084    

We probably all have one. That one series that makes everything ok, but maybe we don't admit it. Mine is Vandread. What's yours?
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08-09-12 03:48 PM - Post#11283    
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Mine would probably be Rin: Daughters of Menosyne, or Master of Martial Heart, nothing beats a 'little' excessive bit of gore and violence with 'cheesecake' on the side. Ikki Tousen and HOTD would be added to this list as well, but those have slightly better plots and storylines, plus you can use them for really fun drinking games with friends (like taking a shot of the drink of your choice everytime a panty shot appears on screen!)

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10-10-12 10:47 AM - Post#11505    
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Yu Yu Hakusho will always be mine. Justin Cook's voice is amazingly powerful, so if I have a bad day I listen to him kick butt LOL

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01-08-13 03:54 AM - Post#11751    
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Oreimo, a good love story is always nice. Also Jigoku Shoujo.

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05-01-13 10:14 PM - Post#12353    
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I LIKED InuYasha and I'm not sorry.
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05-02-13 08:01 AM - Post#12357    
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  • Shiva Said:
I LIKED InuYasha and I'm not sorry.

LOL! Ditto. I'm not sure I can think of another "guilty" pleasure anime (one I might be hesitant to admit) but I'm sure there are some. InuYasha does fit that bill though XD

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08-16-13 04:03 PM - Post#12691    
    In response to Movie Phone Guy

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. XD

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10-01-13 11:36 PM - Post#12892    
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Maybe Karin. I see no problem with admitting my undying love for Inuyasha. If it'd stay up I'd proudly display my Inuyasha poster next to my Game of Thrones poster and my Fullmetal Alchemist poster autographed by Vic Mignogna.

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