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Vancouver, BC Canada - Anime Evolution (AE 2007)is primed to be Vancouver's premiere Asianentertainment event where industry and audiencesinteract directly in an informal setting. Thisthree-day Japanese Animation Convention, expectedto draw over 4,000 people, will bring togetherart, animation, video games, TV, film and musicin a celebration of Asian popular culture andmultimedia. All are welcome to attend the event,which draws largely on Vancouver's local talentpool of gifted actors and artists, as well asfilm and animation studios, comic bookpublishers, and game developers. Festivities willtake place from Friday August 17 to Sunday August19, 2007 at Simon Fraser University's BurnabyCampus. Events will take place at variouslocations on campus and the convention runs 24hours a day.

Over the course of the weekend, AE 2007 willfeature Q&A's and workshops with professionalvoice actors, directors, artists, animators andgame developers. In addition, visitors canparticipate in a cultural festival, videoscreening & video game rooms and liveperformances by DJs, bands and improv actors.Attendees can also expect to see convention goersengaged in more unusual activities like anAnime-Idol competition, a collectable card gameroom and dramatic costume play - or "cosplay" -where anime fans don costumes representing animecharacters and participate in a fashion show. Theconvention art gallery will be open tosubmissions from all AE 2007 attendees, and therewill be an "Artists' Alley" where visitors canbuy and sell original works of art. A dealersarea will also be available for attendees topurchase their favourite comic books, videos andother animation related items.

For more information on the event or topre-register for a convention membership, pleasevisit our website at

List of Confirmed Guests

Musical Guests

Back-On's combination of metal riffs, hip-hopposes, emo angst and electronic atmospherics hasseen them cause a stir of sorts in the Tokyo clubscene since the five-piece first started giggingin 2002. It's a sound not dissimilar tobig-selling contemporaries such as RIZE, whosemember Jesse gave Back-On their name.

Back-On was originally comprised of MC TEEDA,vocalist/MC KENJI03 (read as "Kenji Three"),guitarist SHU, bassist GORI and MACCHIN on drums(later replaced by ICCHAN). KENJI03 and GORI havebeen friends since childhood having attended thesame primary school in Tokyo's Adachi Ward, adistrict that by Japanese standards is rife withcrime and high-density, public-housing apartmentblocks. Though Adachi isn't Compton ­ ghetto itmost certainly ain't - this less than glamorousbackground is a big part of Back-On's identity,giving the band something approaching a genuinestreet edge compared to Japan's otherbling-oriented rock-rap acts.

Back-On debuted with the mini-album "AdachiTribe" in October 2004. The band also contributedtracks to underground hip-hop compilations. Bythe end of the year were attracting 200 fans toclub shows in Tokyo's Shibuya district. Thefollowing year Back-On kept the momentum goingwith constant touring ­ by the end of 2005 theband had clocked up more than 100 shows in a year­ including gigs with like-minded bands such asRIZE and Screaming Soul Hill, and recording theirdebut "major" release, "Baby Rock," for AvexTrax's rock-oriented subsidiary imprint label,Cutting Edge.

But it was Back-On's next release, the 2006single "Chain," that truly launched the band, thesong receiving a boost by being chosen as theopening theme song to TV Tokyo's animate "AirGear," a series that has also been licensed inthe U.S by ADV Films. Typically, the trackfeatured TEEDA's rapping and a chorus sung byKENJI03. Another mini-album "New World" followedin November.

Back-On kept the anime connection going in 2007by providing the opening theme, "Hikari Sasuhou,"to the direct-to-video title "Murder Princess"and contributing the songs "A day dreaming..." and"BLAZE LINE" to "Eye Shield 21." Logical, then,that the group should also perform at the animefan conventions Anime Matsuri in Houston and nowAnime Evolution in British Columbia, Canada.

Back-On is coming to Vancouver courtesy of AVEXGroup.

Voice Acting Guest

In his 6+ years of performing as a voice actorMichael has amassed credits on shows such as:Inu-Yasha, Dragonball Z, Power Puff Girls Z,X-Men: Evolution, Hello Kitty, Hamtaro, Zoids:Fuzors, Transformers: Cybertron, Hikaru no Go,Starship Operators, Mary-Kate and Ashley inAction!, Infinite Ryvius, Gundam Seed: Destiny,Project ARMS, Megaman: NT Warrior, Galaxy Angel,Dragon Drive, Ranma 1/2, Cardcaptors, Boys OverFlowers, Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land, Ringu Ni Kakero,A Tree of Palme, Ark, Samurai Troopers, TroubleChocolate, and Flippo & the Sea Nymph as well ascountless animated series and numerous nationaland international commercials.

Some Michael's commercial clients includeMcDonalds, Microsoft, Kokanee, Staples, Playland,Global TV, Solo Mobile, Honda, Ford, Time Warner,Telus, and Rogers. Michael also works extensivelyin front of the camera. He has worked with AshleyJudd, Jessica Biel, Britney Spears, N'Sync,Shelley Long, Jennifer Beals, Jonathon TaylorThomas, Chris Isaak, Lance Henrickson, and JackScalia to name but a few. Michael's most recentTV credits include the Lifetime Network's My Nameis Sarah and Honeymoon with Mom, the Sci-FiChannel's Eureka and the new Vampire drama to bereleased this spring Blood Ties. Michael alsoplays supporting leads in the films The Heart ofWhistler and Masters of the Sea currently playingat film festivals around the world.

Comic Artist Guest

David has been interested in video games andanimation for his entire life. When he realizedhe's FAR too worthless to do either he stuck withcomics. Snafu-Comics started in the summer of2002 and has quickly grown to incorporate fiveseparate comics: 'Snafu', 'Power Puff GirlDoujinshi', 'Grim Tales', 'Tin: The IncompetentNinja' and 'Training Wheels'. Two more comics arealready scheduled to become a part of the of theSnafu-Comics family. Expect teaser images atAnime Evolution!

Snafu has constantly been an evolving comic oftendrastically changing art styles and directionscomic to comic. The subject matter could rangefrom anime, videogames, politics, socialcommentary or fart jokes (mostly fart jokes) butwhat Snafu really excels at is a strong forumcommunity of active participants. Snafu wouldn'texist without the fantastic support from theonline community.

About Anime Evolution: Starting as a universityvideo gathering in 1998, Anime Evolution morphedinto full fledge convention on 2003. In our fifthyear as a full convention, AE hopes to continueeducating and entertaining fans of Asian popularculture.

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Hi, I just wanted to mention that in the intro text

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Anime Evolution has announced Back On, Michael Coleman, and David Stanworth as guests.

The link to Back-on goes to another guest Grant Moran (1692 id)

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Wow... fast reply! Thanks for fixing it.
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