Article by PatrickD    (02-25-13 12:58 AM)
If fans of some of the most popular titles to cosplay from were to get into a fight, who would win?

Who Would Win in a Fight?
Doctor Who
Fullmetal Alchemist
My Little Pony
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02-25-13 10:08 AM - Post#12009    
    In response to PatrickD

It's not the team I *WANT* to win, but given even the creator of Homestuck is terrified of his own fans, I would put money on them to win in a fandom fight.

Now, if we're going off of who we would want to see win? Totally Doctor Who. But let's face it, with such a non-violent hero as The Doctor, most of the fan base would probably just look for a way to subvert the fighting and get away with as little damage done as possible. They wouldn't loose, or win, they'd just ignore the fighting all together.

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02-26-13 01:01 PM - Post#12019    
    In response to PatrickD

I'll have to mull this over. There are things to factor beyond numbers to factor in like, props at their disposal, and how they could be cleverly used in combat...
-Doug Wilder
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03-02-13 12:54 AM - Post#12061    
    In response to Nigoki

Whovians would use ingenuity and outsmart the lot.
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