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So while we didn't have issues with theft this year, I know we will in the future. My questions to all the experienced con vets out there are:

1) How do you prevent it?
2) How do you deal with it once it's discovered?

We're at a community college and our on-campus police have stated that if there's any theft, they would have to arrest them, but we're wondering what to do before we call them. We're just not sure how to handle it and what we should and shouldn't do.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    In response to NyanCon

1) How do you prevent it?
-Keep a couple staffers in the room all hours it is open. (Even when it's just dealers) Have them walk around, keeping an eye on things and being a visible presence. Often times just seeing that staff is around is strong deterrent for would be shop-lifters.
-When the room is closed, make sure it is secure and only approved parties (specific staffer members, campus police, etc) are allowed to enter.
-Remind dealers to keep an eye on their merchandise. It should go without saying, but a gentle reminder never hurts.

2) How do you deal with it once it's discovered?

Coordinate with your campus police, find out what they would like you to do. They will be able to tell you the best practices in order to help them with things.

That said, here are some of my thoughts, but I still suggest deferring to your campus police for the final word.

-Most times if someone is caught, they'll stop and you can sit them down somewhere while waiting for the authorities to arrive. During this time gather information like name of the culprit, vendor's name, item that was stolen, etc.
-If someone runs, do NOT try to forcibly restrain them, it could lead to someone getting hurt. You can try to block their path, but don't potentially put yourself in harm's way. It's better to look for as many details as possible. (Hair color, height, physical build, direction they fled)
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Oh awesome, that makes sense. Thanks cutie! :3

Anyone else have any horror stories or things they learned the hard way?

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    In response to NyanCon

I would also like to state: If a vendor catches somebody and hands them over to you to hold for the police, don't decide they don't need to have the cops involved.

This happened to us at a con; he told a sob story, staff let him off with a warning. The next day, I caught him trying to steal from us again. When the police finally got involved (because I called them, despite staff trying to get me not to), he told the cops he would return all of the stuff he'd stolen that day, which ended up being over $1200 worth of merchandise (over $500 in DVDs from one vendor).
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