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I'm looking to actually make my own convention and the complication arises of where to start and I'm unsure of whom i should converse with to get a good heading.

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The best place to start is to staff another convention. That staffing experience can be invaluable to helping you understand a lot of the difficulties you will encounter when starting your own con.

I did a segment on how to start a con as part of the AnimeCons TV episode way back in June 2010. Definitely check that out! The segment starts at about 6 minutes and 30 seconds in.
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Hi, when starting a con, you can't go wrong using a third party hotel sourcer. I have the power and leverage of 4-million hotel rooms behind me that I put that power and leverage to work for you! My services are FREE to use. I negotiate a great concession package with comp rooms and amenities and can create revenue streams for you. Otakon uses my company, Experient, and they are huge! Let me know if you want to have a fact finding call. You are going to book hotel rooms, do it the smart way and maximize your effort at no cost.

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One of the things I am going to mention is this. Be sure that when you get a staff that you know who they are, what they are capable of, and make sure they are able to do the work you assign to them.

I worked in a con that had relatively no communication, no skilled staff, and Staff that thought they knew what they were doing. I was only the Marketing Director for one con that had a con chair that decided that she was going to do only what she wanted and no one else.

I had to man up and take control of a convention that was failing because the con chairwoman decided that she no longer wanted to bear the responsibility. She would take off when she felt like it and I would be left high and dry to figure out what to do. The period of time she was gone was up to an hour each time she left. I had to do the job of different dept because the person that was left in charge would either leave just because or they legitly didn't know what they were doing.

On top of that, we had radios that nobody wanted to use so I had to supply my own to my own personal staff, in a sense, and we basically ran the show in the background. The con chairwoman didn't use the radio and we were left high and dry on that too. The staff had no communication and half the time we didn't know what was going on. Things could happen in one area and we didn't know about it until an hour later. We had money taken and we didn't figure this out until the end of the day because registration didn't keep their radio on. Communication is important.

Make sure you staff people that actually know what they are doing because the last thing you want is someone that goes around thinking they are doing the con a favor by being on their staff when in reality all they are doing is getting in the way and giving everyone a hard time when they don't even know what they are doing.
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One thing I always look when starting up a convention is capitol. How will you fund your event. Sure you can do a kick starter or crowd fund something, but you can't always rely on it. I started my con back in 2010, and its all about negotiation. Some hotels and venues you can strike a deal on selling room blocks and they can either give you a discount on there meeting rooms, or if you meet the room block, they might comp the venue. The first hotel I had my event at did that for us.

Fine print is very important when picking out a venue, there are cost for everything. For example, they may comp the venue, but that doesn't mean they wont charge you per table, per day, and if they have to move something or set something up. Labor cost can pile up. Luckily we one of our staff members had a degree in business management and helped up out with a lot of the contracts and fine print.

Besides having capitol and negotiation skills, one thing that will always help is staff who are willing to work for for free essentially. Most convention staff members are working for you for free and they are doing it for the love of the event and want to be apart of something great. Department directors are very important, they each department should have their own staff who are all on the same page during the planning phase of the convention.

You need to treat your convention a a business because it is one. Even if you decide to make it non-profit, still treat it as one.

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Hey MJaison,

let's talk about how you can put my awesome buying power and leverage to work for you. I am with Experient, and we book 4-million rooms per year. Otakon uses us. If the biggest, baddest Con on the planet thinks we do a great job, let me show you how to get the best value for your hotel efforts.

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Hey Inari Convel,

have you made progress in planning your Con??

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Hi Mr Event planer (Hotel)

Just curious. I'm not sure if you can answer it in the open but lets talk hypothetical numbers.

If I were to attempt to run an event lets say 500-1000 people as a target number. If I were to hold this in a major metropolitan area. Eg. New York Metro or Washington DC Area/Baltimore.

As of now (2014) what dollar figure should a group be looking at to have in hand to be taken seriously or be able to really negotiate any terms in their favor. (Ballpark figure) (Also assume its not during in demand prime times)

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