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01-23-15 11:45 AM - Post#14266    

I realize that quite a number of posts here have to do with guests, and that's a good thing I suppose!

It seems that our organization is at a bit of a changing point and I was hoping for a broader perspective.

We've typically handled our guests by paying an appearance fee, covering flight and hotels and offering per diems. Nothing strange there. However, we're starting to see a trend that guests have hiked appearance fee rates in the past couple years. I can understand that. Conventions take away valuable weekend studio time and you have to scale the cost with the opportunity loss. We're a small-to-mid sized convention, and these rates are starting to edge guests out of budget range. There's a whole conversation about budget changes and managing guest selections there, but that's not really what I want to ask about.

When talking with agents, we're given the alternative to have paid autographs to bring down appearance fees. It's asking the attendees to foot some of the cost for bringing the guests in. We've always had free autograph sessions and are hesitant to make the switch. I'm told this is the current standard anime con practice. I'm aware this has been the standard for comic conventions for a while now.

We're proud that we were able to offer free signatures for so long, but is it really industry standard now to have the guests charge for autographs? Has your con held out? How did your transition go if you've already made it?

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This year we (AnimeNEXT) are considering switching to a one item free, the rest paid autograph system for the same reason you describe. Appearance fees are rising to the point where it's now almost cheaper to get Japanese guests than it is to get some American voice actors.

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01-27-15 10:27 AM - Post#14280    
    In response to VinceA

Yeah, there's the compromise of "Guidebook signatures are free, all else are charged".

It's just that paid signatures have always felt like a sci-fi / comic con kind of deal. I know a few voice actors who were proud that they didn't charge for autographs. They'd thumb their nose at the television actors saying "that's not how I treat my fans."

But it feels like the climate is changing. I was told that it wasn't such a big deal because "everyone's doing it", and I was skeptical if this was the case or not.


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02-07-15 02:32 AM - Post#14299    
    In response to Benson

I wear two hats, as a con staffer and a sometime booking agent for actors.

Trust me when I tell you that is not the norm in the anime con world.

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