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Hey there. I was hoping I could get a general idea of what to expect from a marketplace at a convention. I admittedly have never really been into anime. Seeing pics of these conventions makes them look like a lot of fun.

What got me looking into these conventions however was a few days ago I had come across an anime figure while looking for Star Wars figures on eBay. This one seller was selling what had to be a bootleg (from China no less), so I started browsing his other items for sale, curious as to what other Star Wars figures were being bootlegged when I came across this anime figure that I have just got to have. The bootleg price on it is a bit pricey, so of course when I looked into the authentic version I find it's selling for quite a bit more. I just can't afford an authentic one, though I did come across one that is juuuuuuuust out of reach price-wise, so I guess there is hope of finding a legit one at a price I can pay, just not on eBay, where the counterfeits are my only option if I'm going to have it. Before you say "if you can't afford it then wait until you can", or "just don't buy it at all if you can't afford it"... or "the real makers of them suffer from the bootlegs". I agree, but if not for that bootleg, I would have never discovered the figure/line/maker in the first place. Chances are, down the road I'll want another and be in a better position to buy others like it but authentic. This bootleg just earned the original maker of this line a new fan. I'm trying to justify the purchase of a knock-off I know.

Like I said, I'm new to this. I'm not a collector of anime, I just want this very specific one. Obviously, the knock-offs will be of lesser quality, but I don't know where to look for a comparison of the knock off vs the real deal, and don't know where to go to ask anybody. I don't want to order one and end up with some Dollar Store quality junk that's cross eyed lol.

I'm not here for help on the eBay stuff though (unless someone here wants to help with it). What I am here for is to find out what type of stuff is typically found at these conventions. There's one coming up near me called Jacksonville Anime Day that I figured may be my best chance at finding one locally. I know bootlegs are frowned upon, and with good reason. Unless I can find a generous seller of this particular figure, I'm left hoping to at least find a bootleg that I can see in person vs ordering one on eBay from China where it'd be more trouble than it's worth to return.

Just like I'm not here for help on eBay, I'm not trying to start a debate on all that's wrong with Chinese knock-offs. I know all about what's wrong with them. I didn't order the Star Wars figure that originally led me to this anime figure because of that. I'm torn on the matter to be honest.

So back to the conventions. I understand they're all different, like something on the West Coast will have different sellers on hand than here on the East Coast. I'm sure they don't make THAT much money at these things to warrant a cross country trip. I also understand that there are probably huge conventions where cross country trips may be more likely and have a lot more sellers than something like the Jacksonville Anime Day I'll be attending in March. I've never been, I just know where it's being held and have been to other types of conventions there.

In general though, what type of merchandise is typically sold there. Do you see a lot of these bootlegs, or more of the legit stuff? How are the prices usually, higher than let's say eBay, or lower/about the same?

Another thing I'm curious about is since minors will be in attendance as I'm guessing is the same at most if not all conventions, how are some of these "adult" themed figures handled? Are they sold at the typical convention? Are conventions just not a good place to look for one? What I'm looking for would fall along those lines, though this one is WAAAAAAY more tame than some others I came across lol After looking through all of those different figures (sold by that eBay seller), my image of anime figures in general is that they border on some X-rated stuff (I know they're not all like that). Nothing against the adult stuff or anything, I'm an art lover and the sculpts are amazing on all I've seen....but again, how is that type of stuff handled at the typical convention? Are there rules against it because of the children that may be in attendance?

I'm not looking for an abundance of sellers with the most X-rated stuff, I'm just hoping to find this one figure which would definitely be in some sort of "adult" section or table.

If the convention isn't a good place to find what I'm looking for, any advice on places to look locally (in general)? Flea markets maybe?

If you've read this far, thank you for your time and I apologize for the long read. Like I said, I'm new to this, I'm torn on ordering one, I don't know of any local shops and just came across the website for the convention near me in March then this forum here.

Thanks again!

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  • Jville808 Said:
I'm trying to justify the purchase of a knock-off I know.

Yes, you are. ...and we're not going to talk about where to get bootlegs here.

Rule #11 of the forum is "Do not post where to find bootlegs and/or fansubs, 'for sale' links, or auction links."
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