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05-07-16 05:46 AM - Post#15002    

I'm in the preliminary stages of planning a CON for fans of a TV show.

After reading the pitfalls to watch out for if the fans produce the event AND I know we have a huge U.S. fan-base who are willing to plunk down major bucks to attend, I'm thinking using a professional con event organizer.

This fanbase has a professional con organizer for it's event in the U.K. called StarFury. I don't know if they plan events in North America and I'm afraid they may feel like another con in the U.S. may be competition that siphons away $$ from their I have not approached them.

How does one find such a North American based company? Is there a listing of companies that professionally produce con events?

Thanks for your advice.

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What you're looking for doesn't really exist in North America in someone who specialize in fandom. The only ones close in what you're looking for are Creation Entertainment and Reed Expo but they handle their own events.
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Thanks for your response.

I've briefly spoken via e-mail with Creation Entertainment and got short answers with no information to help me try to figure this out at all.

I have not tried Reed Expo.

So are most cons in the U.S. Fan-created?

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  • Eat The Rude Said:
So are most cons in the U.S. Fan-created?

Yes. Most of the conventions are self-run and the people running it will only run that convention and not outsource their skills to run other conventions for other people. I'm not aware of ANY company that does that.

You COULD hire people capable of running a convention for you. That happens often in the professional industry (since, for example, a proctology convention isn't organized by doctors), but that would be a VERY EXPENSIVE proposition requiring high admission rates. That cost model would never work for a fan convention.

Your best chance to have a con for this TV show is to find other fans of the TV show and start it yourself. You're never going to convince a company to do it for you. If the TV show has as big of a fanbase as you say, it should be easy to find others to help run this convention.
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Eat The Rude 

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11-01-16 08:29 AM - Post#15226    
    In response to PatrickD

I have taken the advice and we are holding a fan-run convention.

Now there's lots of other fun hoops to jump through...LOL!

Right now we're wrangling with incorporation. I've started another post about finding event business consultant/accountant where I've asked for advice for those who have experience incorporating. Did they go the non-profit or for-profit route, etc.

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