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Estevan Olivas aka WT Hatch is not, nor has ever been a professional voice actor. He created a false identity to prey on young women and girls that are fans of anime and/or attend conventions. I am sure also this false identity gave him a sense of importance and fueled his ego. His tactic is to befriend you and gain your trust, then see if you are willing to date him/sleep with him.

If you encounter this man please avoid. An alert went out about him in 2012 on this website as well as others, but he may be ready to resurface with a new identity and target those that are not aware of this.

I personally knew him from 2010 to 2013. It became clear to me something wasn't right and I got the sense he was lying after his many romantic attempts. He doesn't take no for an answer. I just always felt uncomfortable around him. trust your gut and be safe.

Please view the links so you know what he looks like. He is Hispanic, about 6 feet tall, and roughly 300 lbs. He looks fairly young for his age, but he was born 1979, making him 37 years old as of this post. He has a distinctive lisp and his two front teeth stick out a bit. 7102/WTVicMoni_400x400.jpg


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The IMDB he created lists the credentials in which he falsified. Note that he claims to have done voice work for Panda Kopanda Rainy Day Circus in 1973, but that means he did this work before he was born in 1979? And he claims he did work for Akira in 1988 when he was 9 years old?

Use extreme caution when dealing with this person and do not believe anything he has to say. Again, he is not and never has been a professional voice actor. He has never been involved in the anime industry. At very best, he has done fandubs.

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We already have a thread about this bozo. Closing this.
Continue discussion here:
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