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05-28-17 10:22 PM - Post#15433    

Normally, when it comes to Howard Stern, when he talks about movies, television, the government, or celebrities, I normally don't care. However, when it comes to Howard attacking nerdy, geeky conventions such as comic book, video games, anime, fandom; etc; I just shake my head in complete disgust and facepalm with every irrelevant comment he makes. Not only does he attack comic conventions, he degrades every cosplayer that gets interviewed, mostly male cosplayers instead of females (I'll explain why in a minute). Though I would write like 30 pages going over everything that Howard Stern has said from 2006 to this day of every convention, I'll just sum it up with the most dumbest things he has said:

- Howard Stern says he's angry that people are going to comic conventions instead of working at their job or looking for work.
- He believes that everyone who attends it is unemployed and will never get a career.
- Howard Stern said he hates cosplayers who create their own Original Character that's based off of a certain media and that should be banned from conventions. (Coming from a guy who created Fart Man, his own original character, and trademarked the whole thing).
- He also added that cosplaying should be done by kids ages 3 - 15 and that anyone over that age is a loser.
- Howard Stern said that everyone who attends a convention live with their parents (men living their mom's basement and women living in their dad's attic).
- He said that all women (example: hot chicks and supermodels) will never date nerdy guys who are into cosplaying, LARPing, video games, comics, and conventions. He stated that they are smarter than that and that they will date "real men." However, if women start dating nerds, he would consider those women to be scumbags.
- Speaking of that, Howard said that they were no girls that attend conventions but just guys, including BronyCon (THERE WERE WOMEN AT BRONYCON! OF ALL AGES THAT IS!)
- Howard said that the parents of these cosplayers or nerds should be ashamed of themselves that they didn't raise their children properly. He believes that the parents should take action and take away all that nerdy stuff and have them be more acceptable in society.

Finally, this is by far the most stupidest thing he had ever said (I wish I made this next one up but no, he said this during a live broadcast over at Wizard World 2014)

- Howard Stern said that he thought conventions were for white guys only but is baffled as to why African Americans are into it. He thought they were smarter and cooler than that. Robin Quivers, his co-host, said that only the "cool kids" don't go there.

So there you have it. What do you guys think about this?

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05-29-17 12:41 AM - Post#15434    
    In response to The sXe Stallion

Howard Stern is saying other people are not productive to society.

Pot meet kettle.

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