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I used to be a con chair, but now am an agent to about a dozen celebrity anime voice artists. My main advice for anyone organizing a con is to ANSWER YOUR EMAILS. I find it unprofessional when you post a method of contact on your websites but NO ONE REPLIES. If a celebrity cannot contact you - they will for sure note that. If you are a bunch of volunteers that cannot handle answering emails then rather NOT post a method of contact on your webpage. There are many cons that my clients won't work with, because they find it insulting when we aren't given so much as a courtesy reply. Hope this helps!

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Are you referring to a reply to a cold email? I get tons of mails from agents looking to book their clients at our show. I don't reply to unsolicited emails very often since they're... unsolicited.


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Then don't post your email - or simply write above the email "does not reply to unsolicited emails." If your email is posted on your website then aren't ALL emails received "unsolicited?" That logic makes no sense. Someone has to send the first email. Either you contact guests in an unsolicited manner or guests contact you in an unsolicited manner.

Guests get dozens of unsolicited emails from conventions all the time - but since my email is posted publicly I always reply. I am also not a millennial - and they seem to be running conventions, which means a different culture of communication.

Celebrity guests should not be ignored. If you don't want unsolicited emails, then why bother posting your email on your main webpage? MANY conventions say flat out that they will not reply to guest requests. Therefor, it is clear to the agent and celebrity that cold emails are not welcomed. But to just post an email for your guest liaison and then ignore emails is beyond unprofessional.

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After one too many guests who would grief me for not inviting them when I sent a polite decline or would persistently badger me all year to invite them I had to stop answering them. I've had to put multiple guests and agents on my spam filter who don't get the hint that we are not interested in them.

I wrote a FAQ on how our guest selection takes place. They see it when they try to contact us. It has greatly reduced the unsolicited guest emails.

I really try to press, "Don't call us, we'll call you." If you're US based we probably know how to get in touch with you.

I'd say of the dozens of unsolicited guest emails I get a year there will be 1-2 guests that catch my eye to warrant sending an invite.
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