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SYDNEY - February 28, 2010 - Australia's biggest and original Japanese pop culture festival, Animania is hosting its ninth celebration of Japanese animation and graphic novels in 2010.


Various cosplayers (costume players) from around the world will compete for best costume and best skit that pays homage to their favourite Japanese pop-culture personality. Pre-selections will be held across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to compete on the international stage in Nagoya, Japan. Special guests will include a WCS judge from Japan and the previous winning teams from Singapore and Australia.


Day festivals will begin in March 2010 with classic features such as anime screenings, origami workshops, sketch competitions, karaoke, video games and stalls offering everything from DVDs and books, to plush dolls and figurines.

View local artistry, support community groups and student clubs, or take part in competitions such as Kamikazi, The Game Show (formerly Olympia) - a take on Japan's wacky game show genre, with free giveaways!


Animania's massive weekend-long event in September will triple in size to offer everything from the day festivals, plus more.

Explore traditional and modern Japanese culture, from hands-on workshops to the craft of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. Join Industry professionals and academics in a series of seminars and discussion panels, or simply enjoy the open dance lessons, interactive games, martial arts demonstrations, and the Cosplay competition!

The annual food fair will feature exotic bites such as takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and green tea pancakes. Also, for the first time, a maid café will introduce a taste of wacky Tokyo culture to locals.


Sydney - March 20
Melbourne - April 10
Brisbane - May 1
Sydney - September 11-12
Adelaide - October 2
Brisbane - October 30

For more information visit


Animania Festival is Australia's largest anime and manga event, attracting thousands of fans locally, from interstate and overseas. Animania was the first animation festival to be held in NSW, with its inaugural event in 2002 attracting over 500 people. Today, it is a celebration of all aspects of Japanese pop culture and cultural diversity.

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"Australia's biggest and original Japanese pop culture festival"

Nice to see that Animania are still lying.

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Which ones are larger? (I don't have much in the way of attendance figures for Australian cons, so I really have no idea how they compare to North American cons or to each other.)
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Australian cons, Animania in particular, have a bit of ‘history’ behind them...

Animania was started in 2002 by the anime clubs of the various Sydney universities. After Animania 2003, the clubs were scared (via public liability insurance) into giving it up to Lewis Lu who had just started his own company, Aurora Entertainment.
The first Animania run by Aurora was in 2004 at Sydney Town Hall. At the time, Sydney Town Hall was under extensive renovations which limited the amount of people able to attend to around 2,000.
Animania reported on their forum that 9,000 people attended. A claim that was quickly retracted from public view once people proved that such a claim was impossible. Each person was counted, not once, not per day, but each time they entered the building. ie, someone who went both days and only left/returned for lunch was counted 4 times. I myself was counted at least 12 times.
Animania has never publicly released attendance since. They continued to give impossible numbers in their traders documents for a few years afterwards until their traders (at least those that continued to attend) had enough of the lies. I’m not sure if they still have figures in the sponsorship docs.
Also in 2004, Animania turned up at – on the day – and demanded they be given a traders table. had space and gave it to them, Animania never paid for it.
They also have had some quite ‘odd’ sponsors... such as a fish import/export company owned by Lewis Lu’s family.

The Sydney Uni anime clubs which first started Animania now run SMASH.

As for the “biggest” and “original” claims in the release.
Manifest started in 2000. Before Animania. Manifest also has a larger attendance. (7000 in 2009 vs the attendee and trader estimate of 3-4000 for Animania’s main event)
Supanova runs 4 2-3 day events each year (Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne).
Animania runs 4 6 hour events (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane*2), 1 2 day event (Sydney) and one sideshow event (Adelaide – a one day add on to Adelaide’s OzAsia Festival).

While Animania may run more events, Supanova’s events run longer, resulting in more event time for Supanova. Animania’s main event in Sydney is 2 days, Manifest’s main event is 3. Animania’s Melbourne minicon is 6 hours, Minifest (Manifest’s minicon) is 9 hours, in a larger venue.
As for “Animania was the first animation festival to be held in NSW”, I don’t know off hand if there was an “animation festival” before it, but I’d be willing to bet there was.

If I had to compare Australian cons to North American cons (at least those that I’ve been to), I’d have to say Manifest is closest to Kumoricon or ConnectiCon and Animania is Anime Iowa or AniZona.

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