Username Post: Beware Anime Matsuri - NOT SAFE for female cosplayers        (Topic#2080)
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Three years ago at Anime Matsuri, I was groped. Anime Matsuri's convention staff and security did nothing when I tried to report it.

This last year, at the Cosplay 101 panel at Anime Matsuri, the same thing happened, with the same results.

I tried to leave a note for the Cosplay director eventually, after the Security staff did not take me seriously. The note was not delivered to her, I have found out via AIM.

Instead of taking the situation seriously, John, the director of AM, banned both myself and my fiance from the forums. It was only after I managed to get his Cosplay director via AIM that they even posted this year's "announcement" of supposedly increased security at the convention, and that was not even made sticky within their forums nor posted to their actual convention website as an announcement.

It is very clear that John does not take this seriously, nor does his staff. His official private communications to us were to the effect that "everyone is tired of you", and he has said nothing to one of his staff who publicly blamed women cosplayers for being groped at AM, saying "Also, I've been to a lot of cons and some girls are ASKING to be groped! mini skirts, high socks, and revealing cosplays are inevitable. If someone was really concern about their own safety, Im sure they would have considered the cosplay as well."

Nobody, no matter what the costume is, has the right to assault a fellow conventiongoer. But John, "Emotiongear", does not take this seriously.

I urge you - PLEASE. Do not expose yourself to the danger presented by Anime Matsuri.

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That is just horrible! As if being assaulted is not enough, what is truly horrifying is the ops director's reaction. Did you bring this to the attention of the convention chair? Honestly I don't think an issue like that is for the cosplay chair to field because it is not a cosplay matter. If the head of security and opps did not listen to your case then go to the convention chair. If there's any high ranking woman on the convention staff you could try appealing to her via email too.

If there was skin-to-skin contact that is an arrestable offence. Even if not it is incredibly inappropriate. I don't know AM because I'm not from the region, but the reaction you've described disgusts me. Unfortunately I am not terribly surprised to hear what happened to you at the convention--what shocks and appauls me is the convention staff's reaction. That said, no matter what a certain FL Republican Lawmaker says , men, even perverted men, are human beings with will power and should be able to conduct themselves respectfully with control, and no matter how a woman dresses it does not excuse inapropriate behavior directed toward her.

I have half a mind to find some friends and go spam their forums asking "is it true your convention ignores reports of sexual assault?" in a very blatant and public manner. I'm nowhere near Texas(?) so I don't care if my IP is banned

Speaking of which...where and when IS AM? Their website is ridiculously over-done and so flashy its difficult to navigate and I can't find any clear information citing their address or even the town they're in, besides saying what hotel they're near. How are non-locals supposed to figure out how to get there? o_O; Sounds like it's a pretty crappilly run con...

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I cant Believe staff didn't take you seriously and then banned you and your fiance from attending in the future. Honestly i dont think i would be able to go back a second time if something like that was to happen to me.
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