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I'm an avid Facebook user, both for personal and business reasons. I created a Facebook Page and Group for the convention I'm running (I am the founder and executive chair). I enjoy posting what I consider relevant information for anime fans. My programming director seems to disagree to the point of telling me to stop doing so on my personal wall.

My question to you is, how much is too much? Should Facebook Pages only contain information that directly pertains to the convention in question?

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    In response to brohne

When it's a page promoting something, like a convention, I'd only want news pertaining to that specific thing. I subscribe to their posts specifically for that purpose, I can get news on other things plenty of other ways.

A few years back, Otakon's facebook page kept sending out things that were related to anime etc, but not actually about their convention, it drove me nuts.

When a convention has a page on Facebook, Twitter, etc it should be used as another way to get out news about the event, like another avenue to get people to see things like press releases, registration opening, and panel submissions going live. If it floods with unrelated items, it makes it harder to find the actually relevant items.

There are a few exceptions, like when many conventions posted asking people to donate to tsunami relief this past year, but in general you should ask "is this directly related to what my page is about?" if the answer is no, don't post it.
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    In response to Nigoki

I completely understand that viewpoint and agree that spamming people with miscellaneous anime news that they can get anywhere is not prudent.

However, I don't consider my blog on the con website to fall under the spam category. Though, that being said, I will be more conscientious about making sure that when I "like" something that I'm logged in on my personal account and not the page.

I do think though that Facebook Groups and Pages seem to be more immediate and generate better response than forums. I have received a lot more feedback on Facebook than on our con's forum.

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    In response to brohne

I maintain the convention Facebook page but I only post convention news/website updates (and try to keep the updates at once every 24 hours unless necessary) then I'll also plug relevant events to help out friends (but I also tell them I'll only plug a few times a year as I don't like to spam people). On anime news or personal stuff, I let other websites post that info. I will ignore convention pages that post the same news that I can read on ANN or CNN.

One thing I don't understand is seeing conventions who setup personal convention accounts like a regular FB account and don't setup a Facebook Page. I don't think people realize that personal accounts can only add up to 4500-5000 people. They've also updated so that you have as much control with a FB Page compared to a personal account.
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    In response to brohne

  • brohne Said:
I created a Facebook Page and Group for the convention I'm running

  • brohne Said:
My programming director seems to disagree to the point of telling me to stop doing so on my personal wall.

The first part of your post contradicts the second part. Is this a convention page or is it a personal wall?

If this is a personal account for you (with YOUR name and not the convention name) post whatever you want, but you probably shouldn't link to it from the convention's web page as if it's some official account.

If this is a convention group, fan page, or event, you should probably only post convention-related stuff. If this is a separate account created as if it were a person, you're doing it Proz mentioned, there is a limit to the number of friends a personal account can have.

Also, I'd suggest setting up a Twitter account for the convention. Twitter is great for getting news out there and MUCH better than Facebook for at-con updates. ...and like others have said, keep that limited to convention stuff.
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    In response to PatrickD

I do have a separate page just for the convention that is not linked to my personal page other than that I am the admin. I have also created a Twitter account for the convention.

Beyond only posting convention news, I've used the page to initiate discussions, ask questions and invite feedback.

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    In response to brohne

I have a Facebook page as well for my convention and I actually post on it more than my other staff members (I am the co - executive head and programming head since we are very small).

I ONLY post information relevant for the convention even though I have been known to spam people at times with updates. All of these updates were new or reminding people about the upcoming event or events that help support our conventions (for example our convention having a fundraising picnic and also doing a raffle).

If I wish to post up any anime news that I can get, I usually just post it on my personal wall. There is really no need to let people know about a certain anime series coming out unless this directly affects the con (such as your convention showing the said series or having VAs for that series).

That doesn't mean not to have fun with your page though! We end up on our page having small guessing games about events, VAs that are coming, etc. We also have small contests too. It is all about getting people involved in a creative manner.

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    In response to brohne

Definitely don't spam. But keep your pages and groups relevant by at least posting something once a month during the 8 month dry season and make sure to get more active 3 months before the con and a few posts after the con for hopefully a positive PR reminder what happened at the con.
Facebook/Twitter definitely have taken over from people using forums. Whether that's a good thing or bad you got to go with the flow.

As far as Pages and Groups are concerned. The allowing of multiple Admins/Users to control the page is the advantage. If someone takes control of a regular account. FB frowns upon groups using them like this and if someone goes rouge then you got issues that aren't easily resolved.

Oh and with the new groups. If you can disable notifications(not sure if that's individual only) and group chat(you can disable). Do that. You might have an avid user spaming up the place which will annoy everyone that doesn't know how to turn off notifications.

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    In response to brohne

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