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This is just my list of the top 10 guest I've SEEN. This is my opinion. Based off of there work, meeting them, and talking/getting to know a few. I would love to see other peoples list and compare.

1. Vic Mignogna
2.Greg Ayres
3. Steve Bennett
4. Kyle Hebert
5. Chris Ayres
6. Mike Mcfarland
7. Colleen Clinkenbeard
8. Little Kuriboh
9. Nobuo Uematsu w/ Earthbound Papas
10. Sonny Strait
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0. Matt Greenfield
1. Tiffany Grant
2. Greg Ayres
3. Chris Ayres
4. Monica Rial
5. Kyle Hebert
6. Cherami Leigh
7. Clarine Harp
8. Spike Spencer
9. David Williams

So many runner-ups. I have a slight issue with posting this as many of these guests I saw in conjunction with one another and they enhanced the awesomeness of the others. Synergy, gestalt...whatever you call it I'm not sure it makes for a fair ranking lol. Based entirely off of conversations & panels with these guests.

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LOL I thinks it's cool how we both have Greg, Chris, and Kyle in our top 5. They are just so much fun to be around and talk too. And OMg I so want to meet Cherami Leigh. She plays my favorite character in my favorite Anime of all time. Primula in Shuffle!
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Of all the VA's I've met this is my top 10 favorite guests List

1. Patrick Seitz
2. Vic Mignogna
3. Todd Haberkorn
4. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
5. Chuck Huber
6. Charmani Leigh
7. David Vincent
8. Cristina Vee and/or Lauren Landa
9. Clarine Harp
10. Jerry Jewel

Honorable Mentions: Stephanie Sheh,Tony Oliver Bryce Papenbrook, and Chris Patton!

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My top ten comes from a attendee and guest relations staffer position.

1. Eric Vale, oh my I loved his work since Fruits Basket and he is such an amazing person in real life. Got the pleasure to be his handler one year and man the fun we had. You never know a VA until you are piled into the backseat of a car in search of food at 1am with them. He is so down to earth and real with people.
2. Vic Mignogna, he was my first VA ever. My friend and I drove all the way to Winnipeg in 2007 just to meet him. Had dinner with him then too via the Risembool Rangers and he was so sweet to me. Years later I got the opportunity to be his handler and have dinner with him again but this time as a staffer. The guy has a heart of gold.
3. Kyle Hebert, the most accessible VA ever and his hugs are like a big teddy bear. Oh amazing father too, I've met his daughter and they are so close!
4. Eric Stuart, most will say who at his name but all you have to say is Kaiba! He was so nice and his music is great even thought it's not anime related anymore.
5. Travis Willlingham, the guy is a riot and so much fun.
6. Sonny Strait, the guy is so laid back and cool.
7. Johnny Yong Bosch, I have loved this guy since my Power Rangers days and I so still have my brother's frog Zord that he signed "I'm a frog." I do wish the boy would come out of his shell a little with fans, he's always so shy which is odd with all he has done with Eyeshine.
8. Jerry Jewel, oh man this guy is so much fun. Funny thing is Kyo is really close to his real voice, heh.
9. Greg Ayres, no list can go wrong with out our multi colored haired, party VA. Poor thing needs to slow down some, we don't need anymore close calls.
10. J. Michael Tatum, only met this VA twice and both times he was so sweet to me. I need to see him more, I have such a respect for his work especially in Ouran Host Club. I usually get annoyed by anime endings but I could listen to his cover over and over.

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Loved your list and reasons why Minami. I've not had the pleasure of meeting all of them but I would love to. I have gotten to spent time (albeit short) with Vic, Kyle, and Greg (More with Greg) and I agree with you. Vic is truly one of the most humble genuine people you'll ever meet. I've met him twice and to my surprise he remembered me. I've read around and it seems to be a trend. He is awesome to his fans... oh and Go Risembool Rangers Kyle is like a big teddy. I got to meet him last year at A-kon and am looking forward to seeing him again next weekend. He signed our (Anime Military Assocation) banner and recorded a Video for us thanking the troops. I also Ate with him,sorta. We sat at tables that were next to each other. we talked abit and he even recommended some food to me lol... Greg... I Love Greg. He is so much fun to be around. I got to meet him at my very first con Onicon '11. He was friends with one of my friends and so she introduced me. He was awesome. I just saw him again last Dec at Ikkicon. Sunday after the Con I actually got to sit down with him and his brother Chris for probably a good hr and just talk. He is a party guy but even he can tire out lol. He was suppose to go DJ the Ikki After Party but opted out. Both he and his bother are awesome guys and very easy to talk to.

Oh and I would now have to add Tia Ballard to my list. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Ikkicon along with several other amazing people. But Tia was an absolute Sweetheart to be around. I got to sit next to her during the VIP meet and Greet and got to talk with her a bit more after. She is so down to earth and just has that girl next door southern charm lol.
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i can make a list if i wanted to

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