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07-16-08 01:53 PM - Post#2823    

Once again, my curiosity gets the better of me.

Theoretically, everyone who knows they're going to certain anime conventions should pre-register when the rates are lowest. Some people do it right away to get it out of the way. Others hold off until they have funds saved up. A large portion end up paying at the door.

I'm just curious when you usually pre-register (or if you pay at the door) and more importantly...why?

If you pre-register as soon it's available, why do you rush?
If you wait until just before the rate goes up, why do you put it off so long?
If you know you're going all along and still pay at the door, why do you wait?
If you pay at the door, why didn't you pre-register?

When do you usually register for conventions?
As soon as pre-registration is available
Right before the first rate increase
It depends on when I get money - Christmas, birthday, etc.
After I know if I'm in artists' alley or not
At some random point during the pre-registration period
Right before pre-registration ends
I don't pre-register and usually pay at the door
I'm usually staff, so I don't have to register for the con
I have never been to any convention before
You may choose one option.
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07-16-08 02:15 PM - Post#2824    
    In response to PatrickD

Here's what I did for 2007:

Anime Boston: I preregistered two months beforehand, probably after my brother finally decided if he was going or not. I preregistered so I wouldn't have to wait in a longer at-con registration, like I did at AB2006.

PortCon: I found out about PortCon at AB. I registered at the convention because the deadline to pre-reg passed before I decided to go. There was no line when I arrived so it didn't matter.

ConnectiCon: I preregistered a month before, which I think was when I decided I would definitely be attending. Again, I preregistered to avoid the longer at-con line.

AAC: I preregistered a little over a month before after finally getting around to it (there was no price increase, just a cut off, IIRC). They only had one line for both pre-reg and reg, so by pre-registering the only benefit was saving $5.

Bakuretsu Con: I decided to go like two weeks before, so I missed pre-reg. There was no line when I arrived Friday morning, so that didn't matter.

tl;dr version - Depends on the size of the con and how early I plan to go. I always try to pre-register though before a price hike, so that I can be in a shorter line (usually) pay less, and have more cash available to spend at the con.
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07-16-08 04:34 PM - Post#2825    
    In response to PatrickD

In the UK since there is an attendance cap on most Anime Conventions you have to jump on the wagon right away. Amecon filled up in less then three days since they only allowed so many people under the tax laws.

As for the other events if you buy your tickets before hand. You dont have to stand in a for hours waiting to buy one.

As for USA events I tend to pre reg ahead of time since I budget for it months in advance.
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    In response to PatrickD

Since most of the cons I go to are the ones I work, I don't usually have to register.

But when I do attend a con instead of work it, the big decider for me is when I get approval for leave from work. Since you can only get approval 10 months in advance, I sometimes have to wait to request time off. And then there is also the question of seniority in the company having priority on vacation requests (and we have a very low turnover rate in my company-some of them have been here for 20 or more years).

Once I have the vacation approved and on the calendar, I register immediately.
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    In response to PatrickD

For me, I just registar at whatever point it dawns on me that "hey, I should probably registar and get a hotel room." usually at some point in the summer.

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08-18-08 12:40 PM - Post#2945    
    In response to PatrickD

"random point", because it varies wildly.

I usually register for a convention at a their table at another convention. Often that's where the best prices are, and the ubiquitous illegal PayPal "convenience fee" can be avoided.

I'll also wait to see if a con has an interesting guest list before deciding to throw money at it.

Then there's the ones I staff, so no need.

And last, there's A-Kon, which I registered for at the con this year. Mostly because I never intended to go until a week before. But since the pre-registration line was several HOURS longer than the on-site reg line all weekend I'll probably stick with that scheme in the future.

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